Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our eBooks in Mackin VIA are now searchable within Van Meter Destiny!

Within our libraries at Van Meter School, we use Follett Destiny for our circulation system and Mackin VIA for our eBook management system.  Now that we have over 300 eBooks within Mackin VIA, I wanted to also make them searchable through Destiny.  This will connect the students, teachers, and school community with the eBooks and other eResources (like Rosen's Teen Health and Wellness and ABDO's Inside the NFL database) even more than they are now.

With the help of Heartland AEA and Mackin Educational Resources, I was able to make this happen super easy!
After I was sent the MARC records for the eBooks that we have within Mackin VIA, I downloaded them from the email to my desktop. 
I then logged into Destiny and went to the "Catalog" tab and to "Import".  I clicked "Choose File" and selected the file that I had downloaded onto my desktop.
Once the MARC records were imported into Destiny, the "Job Manager" popped up.  I was able to see the report and that the eBooks were successfully added.
Next it was time to search within the catalog and see what the eBook record looks like!  
One of our most popular eBooks is called Baby Animals.  I typed the titled into the "Catalog"and several books were found.  I knew right away which book it was because it is marked with a blue "e" and the call number is "#: EBOOK 591.3 Par."
Within the record, it will be very simple for the young people to find how to get to the eBooks. Under "Explore" on the record page, it says Click here to view book. 
This takes them right to the Mackin VIA login page where students will enter the Van Meter login and password.  
After logged into VIA, it goes straight to the eBook that you are searching for.  
I was also so happy to see that the eBooks were searchable within Title Peak in our Destiny as well.  Title Peak lets readers learn more about the books within our collection and to see which is the best fit for them.

After I saw how wonderful the eBooks looked within Destiny, I wanted to find all of the ways we would be able to search for them.

In the catalog at the main screen, one is able to choose the "Material Type", so I chose "Electronic Book (eBook).  All of the eBooks that are now in Destiny were found and brought up in a list.
One of my favorite features in Destiny is Destiny Quest.  This is an interface that is very kid friendly and appeals so much to the elementary students.  In the "Advanced Search", I was able to choose what type of materials I wanted to find.  At the bottom it states "Limit my search to...." and I picked "Format" and then "Electronic Books."
I pushed enter and once again was able to view all of the eBooks within our Mackin VIA.  
And just as the other, the record for the eBook contains the words "Click here to read eBook."

Our school community is going to be very happy that we have added the eBooks.  As we add more and more to our collections, they will be added to Destiny as well.
Now I needed to share this news with everyone at Van Meter in as many ways as I can!

I added to the scrolling marquee sign across the front of my Destiny homepage.  It now says, "eBooks in Mackin VIA now searchable within Destiny!" This is a great place for our patrons to see what is new when they go to Destiny.
I also sent out several tweets and emails spreading the great news.....I even added screen shots of what the eBooks look like in Destiny and Destiny Quest.

And the very best part....This is just ONE more way to use these amazing eBooks.


  1. Just downloaded my first order of eBooks from Mackin. With these step-by-step instructions that I came across last year, I had the books imported into Destiny and ready for my students in no time! Love your blog!!!

  2. I really want all my free ebooks in libraries. I wouldn't put a limit on how many lends.