Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 2nd Graders Created Their Very Own eBook Using FlipSnack, Evernote, Mackin VIA and Skitch!

Over the last two months, the 2nd graders, their teachers and I have been working on an Evernote pilot within our school.   You can read all about the pilot in the first post, Our 2nd Graders Are Piloting Evernote At Van Meter.   
We not only taught the 2nd graders how to use Evernote on the iPads and computers, they also used
Skitch, another amazing resource from Evernote, 
to annotate and edit the photographs that they took on the iPads on our community walk around Van Meter and within the school.   Once the photographs were Skitched, they saved them into their very own Evernote accounts.  
For this project, we purchased several wonderful community themed eBooks to add to our growing collection within Mackin VIA.  The students loved reading the eBooks within the classroom, library, computer lab and at home.  
After they read several of the eBooks, the students used Skitch to annotate a few of their favorite pages.
It was fun to see which pages they picked and what they had to say about what they had read, learned, and made connections to.  As they Skitched the eBooks pages, they saved them within their Evernote accounts too.
The last few days of school, we took several of the saved pages within the student Evernote accounts and put them together into a FlipSnack flippable eBook.  Once the pages from Evernote were saved onto the laptops, we then saved them as PDF's to upload into FlipSnack.  All of the students logged into my FlipSnack account to upload their pages into the class eBook. 
The pages with text were created using Wordle.  
I love how Evernote even gave the students the information about the specific eBook within Mackin VIA that they Skitched on.  This is what we used when we put our FlipSnack eBook together.  We took small screen shots and turned them into PDF's to include at the end of our eBook.

We created Our Awesome Community...By The Van Meter 2nd Graders eBook to share with each other, parents, our school community and YOU.  Click on the link to read the entire FlipSnack eBook. 
This was just the start of all of the FUN and innovative ways we can use all of these wonderful tools and resources within the classroom and with our students.
Next month, at the ISTE convention in San Diego, my friend Nick Provenzano, @thenerdyteacher, and I will be presenting together at the Evernote for Schools Workshop on June 26th.   This will be a fun opportunity to listen to other ideas for using Evernote and to share our ideas too.  
You can find out more information and register for the workshop on this EventBrite page.

We hope to see you all there.

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