Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Make A Soldier Smile" With PowToon For Memorial Day!

Our friends at PowToon have created something really special for Memorial Day.

We can all Make A Soldier Smile by using PowToon's site they have created just for us to thank soldiers.
There is a place for Education that asks students to pick a template to create a heart warming PowToon to make them smile. 
It is so much fun to create with PowToon....Just look at all of the options there are in the templates.
Also, there is a place for Families and Friends where personalized PowToon messages can be created with words and photos.
My daughter Brianna created one for her husband Jaden, who serves in the United States Army.
Once created, these are very easy to share in a variety of ways.

Just think how happy the men and women who serve our country will be when they receive these beautiful messages from all the young people and family members who will create them.


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you so much for sharing 'Make a Soldier Smile." And thank you to Jaden for serving our country, may he always be safe!
    Your daughter's Powtoon is beautiful! I'm sure it will inspire others to make more soldiers smile!
    PowToon Marketing Scientist

  2. Shannon - How do you send these if you don;t have a particular soldier in mind? Love this idea and want to share with some of my teachers. Thanks

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