Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elissa and I Have a New BAM Radio Podcast Series.....Beyond Books, Transforming Teaching & Learning!

My wonderful friend Elissa Malespina and I have some very exciting news!

Today our new podcast series from BAM!Radio became public.  It is called Beyond Books, Transforming Teaching & Learning.  We are looking forward to highlighting all of the amazing things happening within libraries, teaching, and learning.
To kick off our podcast show, we invited our friend Diana Rendina to share the Makerspace movement with all of us.

We have also invited Joyce Valenza to speak about the hot trends in teacher librarianship and our friends from Buncee to discuss the power of using digital tools and resources with our young people.
I just love how you can subscribe to Beyond Books within iTunes.   To subscribe, just click here to follow.

In the weeks and months to follow Elissa and I will be inviting several different educators and librarians to the show.  We hope you subscribe to the podcast series....we don't want you to miss any of our special guests and the topics we will be discussing.


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