Thursday, May 19, 2022

You Will Find Two "Summer Break Reading Bingo" Buncee Cards From Our Friends At Capstone Here In This Post!


As we get ready for summer reading, our friends at Capstone have created two super fun Summer Break Reading BINGO Buncee Cards for all of us to share with our readers. 

The Summer Break Reading BINGO cards are in English....
...and Spanish. 
They can be found to download on the Capstone website where they are the Featured Downloadables
If you want to go into Buncee and make any changes for your school community, you will find the Summer Break Reading BINGO Buncee in English here and...
the Summer Break Reading BINGO Buncee in Spanish here

These are a wonderful tie in with Capstone's Virtual Summer Camp Adventure that is now OPEN for the entire summer. You will find it here, with all of the resources, in this post.

Happy Summer Reading, friends. 

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