Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Stop The Summer Slide With PebbleGo and These Wonderful Activities For All Kids!

My students LOVE going to PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next to research, read, learn and find so many things that are interesting and fun for them. One of our favorite things about PebbleGo is that it gives students lots of choices and a place to get super excited about learning. 

Our friends at Capstone have created a very special PebbleGo Summer Activities Guide to keep our students engaged throughout the summer and to help stop the summer slide.  
On the Stop the Summer Slide With PebbleGo! page found here, you can sign up to receive the PebbleGo Summer Activities Guide to keep your students reading, exploring and learning wherever they go this summer with free PebbleGo activities. 

Once you are signed up, you will receive....

...the PebbleGo Summer Activities Guide in your email to download. 
In the activities guide, you will find Questions of the Day, Bingo, Fortune Tellers and More Activities and Ideas. 
There are 13 weeks of Questions of the Day, which kids will love finding the answers to using PebbleGo. 
There is also a template that let's you fill in and create your own. I plan to do this a few times throughout the summer and will post on my library Facebook and Instagram for families to find and complete together. 

There are two PebbleGo Bingo cards and....
...a template to make your own PebbleGo Bingo. 

You will also find four Fortune Tellers for each of the PebbleGo modules and...

....a template to make your own. 

As you can see, Capstone has done an amazing job putting together the PebbleGo Summer Activities Guide. There is something for everyone. 

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