Sunday, January 30, 2022

You and Your Students Can Join The Biblionasium Winter "Olympics" Reading Challenge Today As It Kicks Off On February 1, 2022!


Our friends at Biblionasium have a very exciting announcement to share with all of us. 

It's the Biblionasium Winter "Olympics" Reading Challenge! 

As we get ready to celebrate the 2022 Winter Olympics at our school with The Van Meter Reading Olympics, our students will celebrate their reading using Biblionasium.  This special Winter "Olympics" Reading Challenge is the perfect way to help with this celebration of reading all month long. 

As shared on the Biblionasium blog

For the month of February 2022, the top three schools whose students log the most reading minutes on Biblionasium, will win a cash Amazon gift certificate. 

Reading minutes can be logged for books, ebooks, audio books, podcasts, articles, magazines … kids can pick their favorite format. 

If you have existing reading challenges going on, you do not have to create a special Winter Olympics challenge. Any minutes logged in February will automatically count.  Or you can create a special Winter Reading Olympics challenge on Biblionasium to encourage and excite all your students to participate through that challenge. 

It is up to you! But mobilize your students and let’s get the reading started!
Here is how we set up the Winter Olympics Reading Challenge in all of our grade levels within Biblionasium. 
Log into your Biblionasium account.  Go to the Challenges tab at the top. It is circled in blue above.
Next, click on the Start a new challenge tab. 
This walks you there each of the 6 steps in setting up a challenge. 

1. Pick a classroom or group for this challenge.  We have 1st through 6th grade set up at our school so I clicked on Select ALL Groups at the top. This automatically marked all of the grade levels. 
2. Name the Challenge. I typed in Winter Olympics Reading Challenge. 
3. Select Challenge Type.  There are 5 choices. This challenge is based on minutes so I selected Create a challenge based on number of minutes.  It will then prompt you to type in the number of minutes.  For this one, I typed in 500.  We can always adjust this too. 
4. Select a start date. I selected February 1, 2022 as the start date.

5. Select an end date. I selected February 28, 2022 as the end date. 
6. Save It! and click Save. 

Now, this challenge shows up under the My Challenges tab circled in blue above. 
When I click on Winter Olympics Reading Challenge, it will open up the challenge where I can view the progress of each grade level and the each student.  

We want to make this such a fun month of celebrating reading for our students as they read things that interest them in so many different ways. 

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