Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Reading Olympics....A Special Way To Participate In Lots Of Different Ways To Read and Listen!

In just a few weeks, from February 4 to 20, 
...the 2022 Olympic Winter Games kick off in Beijing, China. We are planning a school wide Olympic celebration with lots of special activities, including The Reading Olympics that will take place throughout the week and February. 

We will also be celebrating World Read Aloud Day on February 2, so we wanted a way to celebrate all of the different ways to read, listen and learn, as shared in The Reading Olympics too. 

For this special event, I created The Reading Olympics Choice Board. 

As shared on the first page, During The Reading Olympics, you will participate in lots of different reading sports for a Gold Medal in Reading.  

When the five golf medals are clicked, it takes our readers to....
...Print Books, where they can visit the library shelves or go to our Destiny Discover to find a book to read with a friend or by themselves; 
eBooks, where they can go to our Capstone Interactive to find an eBook they would love to read and listen to; 
Audio Books, where they can go to Tales2Go and find an audio book to listen to; 
Podcasts, where they can go to the Podcast Choice Board to find a podcast to listen to (you can find them here too); 
....and the Reading Olympics Choice Board, where they can explore places to Read, Listen and Create to get...
...a gold medal in the sport of reading.  I even found these inexpensive gold medals to give all of our students at the end of their week in the library throughout February. 
We will also be using Biblionasium for our...
...Biblionasium Olympic Challenge. I will share more about this in an upcoming post.  I can't wait to share how you can do it with your kids too! 

Now, with this choice board, you will notice how a lot of these resources are specific to our school and library.  It's connected to our Destiny Discover, to our Capstone Interactive eBooks and to our Tales2Go. 

You can make a copy of The Winter Olympics Choice Board here to add images and links to your resources like the library catalog, digital resources and more. 
Once you make a copy, click on File and go to Publish to the Web. 
This will give you the option to Publish giving you...
....a link to share with your students and teachers. 
Oh, and The Reading Olympics Choice Board, you will find here to make a copy

Everything in this choice board is available for all readers, just add links to your PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next (or whatever online research databases you have), Capstone Interactive eBooks (or other platforms you have), and anything else you want to change up and add. 
This choice board will be part of the another special choice board for The Olympics, The 2022 Winter Olympics Choice Board, that I will share in a few days for EVERYONE to use and share. I can't wait. 

Have fun celebrating and participating in all of the different reading sports with your school community too. 

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