Thursday, December 2, 2021

Winter Break Reading Bingo Cards!


As we get ready for our students and families to be on winter break, our friends at Capstone have created two special NEW Winter Break Reading Bingo cards for all of us. 

On the Downloads page on the Capstone site, 

they are posted under the Featured Downloadables. There is a Winter Reading Bingo in English and Winter Reading Bingo in Spanish. When you click on either, 

they will open up in Buncee by Capstone, 
where you can download and print as is or...
...make a copy to edit.  I did this with the Winter Break Reading Bingo in the image above.  I added Van Meter Readers to personalize it a little bit. 
After I made that edit, I downloaded the Buncee to print and share with the teachers, students and families. 
You can also make edits in Buncee to the Spanish version or...
...print as is too.  

Our students love checking out extra books to read over winter break.  I hope this adds to the excitement around their reading and break too. 

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