Thursday, December 30, 2021

Join "The Pen Pal Project" Today, Friends!

I loved having pen pals when I was young. It was such a special way to make friends, while learning about other places, families and interests.  I kept in touch with one of mine until I was in high school. 

 Today, I was so excited to see the U.S. Postal Service and WeAreTeachers announce The USPS Pen Pal Project, a new, free educational program for grades 2-6 students. 
As shared on the site, Twenty-five thousand U.S. elementary classes will each be matched with a partner class across the country with the goal of building friendships and understanding diverse perspectives.  By participating in the program, students will improve their writing, communication and collaboration skills.  
After you sign up, you will receive The USPS Pen Pal Project kit that contains the content listed above. 
The site also stated that teachers who sign up after December 12th, will receive the kit in February. 

You can sign up for this special project here too, friends. 

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