Thursday, April 25, 2019

Our 5th Graders Civil Rights Movement Storyboard That Projects

Our 5th graders just finished a very special project. 

While learning about the Civil Rights Movement with their teacher, Lorie Prouty, we collaborated and co-taught a project using Storyboard That as the students retold the story of a Civil Rights figure and the impact they had on the history of our country. 
To kick off the project, we shared this amazing video of Congressman John Lewis speaking at the School Library Journal Summit which I attended two years ago in Washington DC.  It was so inspiring listening to his story as a young man and how he became a great civil rights leader who continues to make an important impact. 
In his speech, Mr. Lewis spoke about the graphic novel series, March, that he wrote with Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell.  We used this for inspiration to introduce the digital tool, Storyboard That, 
which allows users to create amazing storyboards, like graphic novels, using characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles, and a whole bunch of other assets and artifacts, including important primary sources to share their civil rights movements stories too. 
Our 5th graders embraced this project and did a terrific job creating Storyboard That's to tell these stories from history.  
We created a Padlet for them to add all of their Storyboard That projects to so we could have them in one place for when they presented, read each others, and shared them with their families.
You will find their Padlet here.
It sure was inspiring to listen to our 5th graders share their projects.  They were very proud of what they learned, created and shared.  

We were very proud of them too. 

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