Saturday, April 27, 2019

Buncee Ideas Lab! Unlock the Power Of Creativity With These Amazing Ideas!

Our friends at Buncee have something new and awesome to share!  It is the Buncee Ideas Lab and it is filled with amazing ideas for educators around the world! 

Buncee’s blank creation canvas gives classrooms the freedom to let their creativity run wild...but sometimes, they might need a little spark to light their creative fire. Buncee Ideas Lab helps classrooms achieve just that. This will be your ever-growing hub of creative and inspiring ideas for everyone from teachers to students to administrators. Featuring a variety of tips, tutorials, and templates, Ideas Lab has been created to help you and your students discover endless possibilities for innovating learning at your school, every day.
97% of respondents in our latest Buncee survey indicated that Buncee supports the development of 21st-century skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and digital literacy at their schools. With Ideas Lab, we’ll help your school empower student voice, teach 21st-century skills, create an engaged classroom environment, and foster and support a positive school community.
Ideas are searchable across 20 topic areas, and currently, feature 250+ (and counting!) descriptive ways to use Buncee in and beyond the classroom. So, whether you’re interested in learning how to use Buncee to support your project-based and blended learning initiatives; build your school or classroom brand; or even enhance parent engagement; we hope Ideas Lab is your place for ongoing inspiration and template activities to learn how to unlock creativity anytime, anywhere, and for nearly anything.
I am very honored and excited to be one of the Ideas Lab Contributors. 
 So far I have three lessons in the Buncee Ideas Lab including....
 What the Dinosaurs Did, 
 Guess the Mystery State and...
...Digital STEM Gingerbread Houses. 
It is simple to find these and lots of others in the Buncee Ideas Lab using the filters on the left hand side where you can search by topic area, grade level or type in the search box at the top.  When we find one we want to use, all we have to do is click on Create This. 

I love how we can bookmark favorites too.
When you are in your Buncee account, you will find the Ideas Lab in the right hand corner.  

You can get to the Buncee Ideas Lab here too!  

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