Thursday, August 16, 2018

Follow Our Favorite Collection Creators In Destiny!

Our friends at Follett have some BIG news this week for Collections by Destiny!  In fact, this is a feature I have been waiting on so I couldn't be more excited.  

We can now follow our favorite Collection Creators in Destiny.  You know these people...the ones who are creating amazing Collections for their library and school that you just don't want to miss going back to and using for your library, classroom and own use too.  

It is super easy to do...let me show you how.  
When you click on a Collection in the Public Collections, you will see the creators name at the top.  To the right hand side of their name, there is a Follow button. You click on that to follow a Collections creator.

For example, these Collections are by Sue Kowaski.  It allows me to Follow her. She was the first one I followed today.

After I followed Sue, I followed several more as I tested this new feature out myself and celebrated how awesome this will be!
Now when I go to the page in my Collections that I show above, you will see Following on the menu across the top.
When I click on Following, it shows me everyone that I am following and all of their Collections.  The Collections with the most recent changes are displayed first.

I can Unfollow them here too.
You can also follow all of my Collections by looking for my name, Shannon McClintock-Miller or starting here at this Collection Set I put together of a lot of my Collections

This new feature in Collections will make our jobs as curators, creators, communicators and collaborators as Future Ready Librarians and educators even more fun and productive.  

With this feature, we will be able to do even greater things with Collections by Destiny and within the libraries, classrooms, and communities locally and globally we work in and touch daily.  

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