Thursday, August 16, 2018

Join The #IAmMore Movement Through These Special Projects, Ideas & Moments!

In just one week, we will go back to school. There are so many things that I am super excited about….sharing new books, technology, Makerspace resources and more. 

One thing that I couldn’t be more excited about  kicking off at Van Meter this fall is the #IAmMore movement I am joining with the students, teachers and community. 

As I shared in this blog post this summer, Voyager Sopris Learning is launching this special movement and contest because they want to encourage everyone to see that potential comes in all forms and to believe that literacy is possible for everyone.  Everyone within our community, and others all around the world, will be sharing what makes them more.  
It is easy to participate. You will find the #IAmMore poster here and follow….

...these three easy steps. 

Don’t forget, once they have created their #IAmMore poster, you need to share out their unique message with the world at the #IAmMore hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.  
Check out all of the #IAmMore pictures already being shared. It is just so inspiring to see these beautiful messages from people everywhere. 
What better way to reinforce this message than by joining the movement as well as entering a contest that challenges us all to think differently, and gives teachers the chance to show what MORE means in their classroom? This contest also allows us all to showcase how every student’s skills can be used to become all they dream possible. 

As we plan to kick off #IAmMore as school starts, we created an activity that I would love to share with all of you.  

To make it easy for you to integrate #IAmMore into your class, I’ve included a sample lesson plan for an #IAmMore Activity here: 

Lesson Plan Title: #IAmMore Activity
Concept / Topic To Teach: Community/Social Environment/Caring Matters. Seeing the potential in everyone. 

Standards Addressed:
General Goal(s): Give students and teacher a voice and illustrate what makes them “more.” Empower students and teacher to be seen as more than our limitations. Encourage confidence and drive to succeed.

Specific Objectives: 
Icebreaker - Learn more about each other
Inspire my classroom
Encourage communication and sharing

Required Materials: 
#IAmMore poster for each student and teacher. 
Markers (assortment of colors preferred so students have ability to decorate the poster)
Camera/phone and social media accounts for posting 

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Print #IAmMore posters for each student (and yourself). Posters found here.

2. Distribute posters and ask students to complete, answering the sentence “I am more than…”
a. Give examples: “I am more than the grades I make in school.” “I am more than an athlete. I want to be an engineer.”
b. Show the examples on the #IAmMore website that you will find here. You can also show them the #IAmMore Twitter and Instagram.  This will be great inspiration for all of your students to let their voice be heard too.

3. As they finish their posters, give everyone a chance to share. 

4. Take a picture of each student holding up their #IAmMore sign. 
This is also a nice tie in to a conversation about using social media for good and how it is always important to share kind messages and images on Twitter, Instagram and other social media forums.  

5. Upload photos (approved photo release only) to #IAmMore contest for a chance to win $1,000 for our classroom. 

We will be creating #IAmMore posters the first couple weeks of school and sharing them throughout our community and through social media.  

There are also lots of opportunities for tying this into other subjects and through collaboration.  Here are a few of the ideas we have as we kick off #IAmMore….

Possible Connections to Other Subjects: You could tie this #IAmMore project into different subjects including writing, language arts, foreign language, social emotional learning, art, music and more. 

It would also be a wonderful way for your students to connect with other students and educators around the world through Skype as they share their message aloud.  This would tie in speaking and listening skills as well.  

Adaptations for younger students and students who need a little extra support: This is a terrific activity to do collaboratively with different age levels and for those who need a little extra support by buddying up with a friend or even another teacher. The #IAmPoster could even be used collaboratively by completing the #IAmMore statement together as a pair or even small group. 

Extensions for the #IAmMore Activity: 

I love the idea of having students also create an art piece sharing how they feel when they say and write their #IAmMore statement. How can art show this statement, too? What makes students unique through the eyes of themselves as artists? 

Students could also create a video or digital storytelling project sharing their #IAmMore activity through images, video and words. These would be a nice thing to showcase at a special event and share with families. They would lead to rich conversations, too.  

Here is everything you need to know about how to enter the #IAmMore contest and where you can enter today. 
Remember, all you have to do is share your photos on social media to become a part of the #IAmMore movement. Be sure to use the hashtag #IAmMore and tag @WeAreTeachers, and you could win an awesome prize package….
...or $1,000 for your classroom! 
This is an opportunity for you and your students to have a voice and be seen as more than your challenges.
I’ll be presenting a webinar on September 19, 2018 to talk more about the #IAmMore movement and how I’m integrating it into my lessons. Register here at this link.  

We can’t wait to see so many #IAmMore statements and the meaningful creations that will go along with these special words. Your students will know they are more after this!  

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