Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The NEW PebbleGo Next Biographies From Our Friends At Capstone!

PebbleGo is the go-to resource for research for our elementary students.  When PebbleGo Next came on the scene a few years ago with two databases, we all really hoped that they it would follow in PebbleGo's footprints and add Biographies and others to PebbleGo Next someday. 

Well, guess what?  
Our friends at Capstone just announced that PebbleGo Next Biographies is here!  This is the newest database for PebbleGo and includes historical and contemporary biographies which are targeted for to the grades 3-5 national curriculum.  
Within PebbleGo Biographies, there are 164 biographies which explore Advocates, African Americans, American Indians, Artists and Authors, Asian Americans, Athletes, Business Leaders, Composers and Entertainers, 
Explorers and Pioneers, Hispanic Americans, Scientists and Inventors, Women and World Leaders. 

I took at look inside at....
Women and Athletes.  I wanted to learn more about Lindsey Vonn, one of my favorite athletes, so I clicked on her picture to pull up...
an article loaded with wonderful information including....
...a new timeline component, 
an activity to explore in each subcategory, 
and video and critical thinking prompts for each article.

In the official press release Darin Rasmussen, Vice President of Digital Product Development and Management, shares, 

“We’re thrilled to share the life stories of the famous and the infamous, the tenacious creators, the people who’ve challenged the status quo, and the leaders who’ve achieved the highest levels of success in their fields. Our team has worked to include a range of life stories that serve as a window into history as well as more contemporary times, which can help students see the world in new ways, inspire self-discovery, and provide great life lessons. This collection builds on the success of our PebbleGo Next databases to provide a valuable resource to elementary schools.” 

As our students come back to school this Thursday, we have already had lots of questions about resources, collaborating and projects that will fit into the curriculum.  Biographies is definitely one topic that has come up and I can't wait to share that we will now have the perfect place to go for our older elementary students too.  

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