Saturday, June 30, 2018

Notes Can Now Be Added To Collections By Destiny....Think Of The Possibilities!

Collections by Destiny can be used in so many different ways.  

When using them for curating, collaboration and planning, sharing resources, and building community, we can now add Notes as a Resource Type within a Collection. 

Notes can be used for adding notes, comments, instructions, schedules, grading scales, journal entries and so much more.  Just think of the possibilities and how Notes will bring Collections to life making them even more interactive and collaborative. 

Let me show you where to find Notes and how to add them to your Collections too.  
Click on the orange circle with the + inside found in the right hand corner...The one the green arrow is pointing at.  
This brings up another window that lets you add items to your Collection.  You can choose from URL's, Uploads, Notes and Collections.  You can also mark if it is appropriate for all users or not.
When you click on Note, it will let you add a title and as many notes as you want.

When you have finished the Note, click Add and it will...
automatically be added to your Collection as I showed above in this picture.
I made sure to choose the arrangement which showed the Most Recent so the note was the very first thing seen by the user.

How will use Notes in Collections?  I can't wait to think of even more possibilities for notes with my students and teachers within Collections too.  

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