Friday, June 1, 2018

June is Audiobook Month! Celebrate With These Resources, Research and Fun All Summer Long!

With summer here, we are seeing lots of headphones and car stereos tuning in to audiobooks. In fact, as my family was picking out the audiobook we are going to listen to as we head to the mountains this weekend, I started to think about sharing lots of things with all of you. 

The way audiobooks celebrate literacy and storytelling, not to mention how fun it is to listen to audiobooks, I can't think of anything better than to celebrate this month as it just happens to be Audiobook Month!  

In my school library, I always made sure to send the students and families off with lots of resources to read from and with over the summer.  I would create a Smore to promote summer reading by adding times and dates our school library would be open throughout the summer, enhanced check outs and making sure they had 24/7 access to the wonderful digital resources (eBooks, databases, audiobooks and more) we had within Destiny. 

Audiobooks made up a very important part of our collection within Destiny and over the years we have seen more and more research and advocacy supporting audio books. 
Take a look at this infographic from Sound Learning.  

You will see that audio promotes literacy in so many different ways.  It not only increases reading accuracy by 52% and comprehension by 76%, it also helps children becomes better listeners while increasing motivation by 67%.  Those statistics are amazing and these support audiobook use not only in the summer, but all year long at school and home too.  
One of the most important things when adding audiobooks to your collections is to make sure your patrons know where to find them.  

You can include them on a ribbon within Destiny Discover.  This makes it very easy for them to see what is checked in and out too, just like a print book from the collection. 
You will also see that it is very easy to add audiobooks to Collections by Destiny.  

When you go to a particular audiobook, on the right hand side there is a button that says Add To Collections. 
It gives you a choice on which Collection to add the audiobook to as well. 
You will find that Follett has lots of wonderful audiobooks available within their digital content selections.  You can read more about these offering here.
Follett's Digital Audiobooks Titlewave list is another place to see lots of the audiobooks they have to offer. I just love these selections and can't wait to add more to our collection next fall. 
We also have Tales2Go within our library, which is a audiobook database.  This can be added as a digital resource to your Destiny too.  This will give all students easy access to Tales2Go all year long.

Along with these resources, you will find many online that are important to share with students and families too.  A few of my favorite are...
and Storynory, which can be added to a special audiobook Collection too.
You find both of these in...
the Audiobook Resources, Research and Fun Collection I created to share with all of you for Audiobook Month.  Please feel free to share this or make a copy to add things of your own. 

And remember....a Collection like this is a great resource to share for summer reading and learning within your school community.  It brings audiobooks and so much more to your readers everyday.

Happy Summer Reading, friends.  Please let me know if you have suggestions for audiobooks you and your family are listening to....we are still looking for that perfect one.

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