Sunday, May 6, 2018

Creating a Special Mother's Day Buncee!

Handmade cards, planting flowers, little handprints in clay, drawings of me with my children and breakfast made my their tiny hands were just a few of my favorite Mother's Day memories and keepsakes. 

This year as you help your children at home and school create Mother's Day memories, I have a special idea for you. 

You can use Buncee to create something they will never forget.  With Buncee, children can add messages, drawings, photographs, stickers, animations and backgrounds.  They can even capture a video message their mom will be able to keep forever.  

Let me show you a few Mother's Day Buncee tips. 
In Buncee Backgrounds, you will find a lot by typing Mother's Day into the search bar.  Of course, any background can be used or created but these are unique for Mother's Day.
As assets are being added with the Media Palette,
type in Mother's Day to find all kinds of things to use such as animations, stickers, text and more. 
The Mother's Day Buncee Board will give you and your kids lots of inspiration. You will find it here

It is filled with so many beautiful ideas for your students and YOU to create a Mother's Day Buncee too. This Buncee Board was created by our Buncee friend Annie Garrity. 

Have fun creating your Mother's Day Buncee, friends. 

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