Monday, December 14, 2015

Four Ways To Create Digital Holiday Greeting Cards With Canva, eduBuncee, Storyboard That & Christmas Card Maker

I love creating cards to send people.  I love writing messages, addressing the envelope and hearing that it arrived to the person I sent it to.  

This time of year when we are all so busy it is comforting to know there are wonderful digital tools that are available to help us send these greetings while still making them beautiful and unique.  

And most of....making the person receiving it feel very special.  

There are four digital tools I have used this year to create different types of holiday greetings and invitations.  
The first one is Canva, my favorite graphic design tool that I use everyday.  

When you go to the Card template right now, you will find so many beautiful holiday and seasonal designs to create your very own greeting.  There are several that are free and that only cost $1.00 to use in a card design.  

You can also upload your own family photograph to really personalize your Canva card. 
My daughter Brianna used Canva to create their holiday cards.
Since they live in Belgium, this is really handy for them to send digitally to family and friends. 
The next is EduBuncee which is my favorite tool to create amazing multimedia digital stories, cards, invitations, posters and more.
With Buncee, you can choose from dozens of holiday backgrounds that Buncee has created or upload your very own.
Above I picked a background for a holiday greeting card that had a box open for a photograph.

I uploaded one of my three children in front of our Christmas tree inside the box.  I then added a snow animation to the background and a heart, as you can see in the embedded Buncee above.
Within eduBuncee, you can add numerous media types including YouTube videos, voice messages, drawings, Dropbox downloads, animations, stickers and many more to make your Buncee completely unique.
When you are finished, it is easy to share in a variety of ways. I love sending them in an email.  
When you send it in an email it looks just like an envelope with the Buncee peaking out the top.  The recipient clicks on Click To View....
to find the Buncee that you sent, along with all of the media too.

What fun it will be to send a holiday greeting with Buncee and add a message or video from your family, along with other little extras.
The third way to create a digital holiday greeting is by using Storyboard That's Winter Holiday Santa Card.
They have provided easy to follow instructions and a template that can be a place to start creating your holiday Storyboard too.
When the holiday Storyboard is finished, choose from Make a Folding Card or any of the other formats including Print, Slide Show, Download Images, Download Powerpoint or Embed.  
This could even be mashed up into eduBuncee by downloading the Storyboard That images onto your computer, uploading them into eduBuncee, add your own multimedia, and embed or share as I did above.

How fun is that!
The last one I have to share is a very simple digital tool called Christmas Card Maker.
This is a quick way for anyone to create a holiday or winter card with a personalized message on a chosen card design.
After you have filled out the message and signature, click on Make a Card.  It will create a card that you can then save as an image to send to family and friends.
Presentation Magazine has also provided us with a simple way to create the same to print off.  You can find these Christmas Cards PowerPoint Templates here

Are there other digital tools that you use to create your holiday greetings?  We would love to hear and see what you are creating this season too.

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