Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dropbox Pro Gifting Is The Perfect Storage Solution To Give Others.... and I Have 5 Dropbox Pro Accounts To Give Away For The Holidays!

We have so many things we need to keep track of in the digital world we live in.  There are documents, photographs, videos and other files that we need to store and share....and most all of, we have to remember where we put it so we can access it easily and anytime we want.  

With Dropbox Pro, you take care of your storage needs.  Dropbox Pro makes it very easy to share things with others no matter where you are, keeping your things safe along the way.  
This holiday season and for the new year, our friends at Dropbox have announced that we can give the gift of Dropbox Pro to others within the United States.

For just $99.00, you can share this gift that will continue to give and support your family and friends storage needs all year long. Just think how they will benefit from all the space, collaboration and amazing too.

And I have something to share with five lucky friends. 

Dropbox game me a year of Dropbox Pro to promote Dropbox Pro Gifting and give away five one-year Dropbox Pro licenses within the United States. 

How awesome is that?  

And just look at how awesome Dropbox Pro is too. 
 Dropbox Pro gives you 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space for your photos, videos, docs and other files.
It makes it very easy to share through a link or shared folder.  You can also control who sees what by adding passwords and expirations to the shared links and folders.
I love how you can keep your files safe even if a device is stolen or lost by being able to delete your Dropbox folder remotely, keeping everything in your Dropbox safe and secure.
And there is so much more that Dropbox gives you such as Camera Upload, Version History and Priority Support.  

If you want in on this wonderful Dropbox Pro Contest, please tweet me at @shannonmmiller and tell us how you use Dropbox Pro as an educator.  In your tweet please include @Dropbox 

There isn't a day that goes by when I don't use Dropbox within my work.  I am very excited to use Dropbox Pro now too!  

And I know you and the special people in your life will too.  Check out the Dropbox Pro Gifting program to find out how you can share this too. 

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