Saturday, July 4, 2015

The PopUp Library Is Open.....A Very Special Place To Read From Our Friends At StarWalk Kids Media

I have some exciting news to share!  It is that time of year that our friends at StarWalk KidsMedia have opened up their eBooks collection in the PopUp Library
For the month of July, we all have free access to 500 eBooks.  This is one of the best places for our young people to go and read during the summer months anywhere they have access to a device or computer.  
By going to the PopUp Library page on the StarWalk KidsMedia website, you can browse all of the books that they have in their amazing database of wonderful nonfiction and fiction eBooks.
This is one of the best collections of eBooks that is available to our readers, teachers, school communities, and families.

And as you can see.... from so many terrific authors!
When Hagan and I were looking through all of the eBooks within StarWalk KidsMedia today, we used a few of the eBooks trailers to give us ideas.  These videos are so much fun to watch and are a great introduction to over 80 eBooks within their collection.

A big thank you to everyone at StarWalk KidsMedia for supporting literacy, children's literature, and especially our young people and families by bringing us all of these special books and reading experiences.  

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