Monday, July 13, 2015

Super Excited For Something New From Symbaloo....Lesson Plans, A Gaming-Style Lesson Plan!

My friends at Symbaloo shared something really exciting with me at the ISTE conference!  They have something new coming soon called Symbaloo Lesson Plans!  

Symbaloo is one of my favorite digital tools and one that I talk about everyday. When I heard about Symbaloo Lesson Plans, I just knew it was going to be awesome!  
They describe this new personalized teaching approach as The easiest way to use the best of the web in a gaming-style lesson plan.  
And just look at all that Symbaloo Lesson Plans can bring to our teaching and students.

I can't wait to try it out to create lesson plans with guide students through custom paths that can contain videos, documents, quizzes and educational games.   I love that these lesson plans can be shared and used by others too.
You can sign up to beta test Symbaloo Lesson Plans too at 


  1. Shannon,
    As a fan of Symbaloo, I am really excited to try this. Thanks for sharing. FYI, your beta test link does not work.

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for the blogpost and the enthusiasm!

    The correct link to the Lesson Plan beta is:

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