Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bring Some Singing & Dancing To The Summer With Cantata Learning!

Hagan and I are having the best time this summer....playing outside and riding bikes...
 watching the Cubs and...
 creating with Lego's,
reading lots of new books and so much more!  We find lots of special things to fill our days of being home together for the summer months.  It is my most favorite time of the year.

And I am sure it is one of the best times for you too.
Yesterday when it was raining, Hagan and I found lots of things to do inside.

We cooked, created,played, and did a little planning for the week.  We also took a look at some books that I have been using for new project inspiration.
The books from Cantata Learning have been bringing me lots of inspiration and ideas.  Everytime I pick them up and go to the website, I think of engaging and creative ways to use these within the library, classroom and throughout the school community.

With the terrific stories paired with fun songs, how can we not be drawn in to use these everyday with our young people.

And with the music available on the Cantata Learning website for all of us to use, how can we not share this with our little ones at home in the summer time too!
As Hagan and I looked through the Cantata Learning books, we found Summer...Hot Days In The Sun.  We loved reading it together....especially when we could listen to it online right from the Cantata Learning site.

You can go here to listen to this book....and all of the other books in the Spring and Fall seasons too.

So as you spend time with your little ones this summer and think of new ideas to bring to your students next year, make sure you go the Cantata Learning site to sing and dance through the summer too.

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