Thursday, April 9, 2015

Everything Is Blooming All Around Us.....And On Mackin's "Books In Bloom" Blog Too!

It is one of my favorite times of the year....trees and flowers are blooming, it smells of spring in the air, and summer is right around the corner.  It is just the best.  

And I have something to share that is just like this time of year....
Mackin's Books In Bloom blog.....a place where they share Mackin's Best Books for Teachers and Librarians.

Every week the blogging team from Mackin shares so many wonderful and special books with all of us through posts and pictures.
One of my favorite bloggers.....and one of my all-time favorite people to talk books my friend Tracey Luehrs, who is a Collection Development Librarian at Mackin Educational Resources.

Whenever I am at the Mackin office I love stopping by to see Tracey and see what beautiful new books she has around her desk.  She always has the best recommendations and we have fun talking books....especially special new picture books.

Tracey even Skyped and read with my students over the last few years.....They were lucky to hear her new favorites too.
Today's blog post made me happy since we have all of this blooming all around.

It is all about gardening books for our PK to 5th grade readers.....and Tracey has done it again by telling us all about several recent books about planning and planting gardens that I can't wait to read and share.
You can find all of these books at Planting The Seeds: Gardening Books For PK-5 too.
So don't forget to visit the Books in Bloom blog every week to see what Tracey and her friends are reading and sharing.   They are all awesome and sure do pick books we all love.
You can follow them on Twitter at @MackinBooks and subscribe to their blog at the bottom of the Books in Bloom blog. 

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