Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day With Buncee With Their Earth Day School Contest!

We have been celebrating Earth Day for 45 years and this year there is a very special way to celebrate!

Our friends at Buncee are going to host the Buncee Earth Day School Contest from April 6 to May 15, 2015... All entries are due on this day.

This is the challenge for all of our young people.

They would like them to answer the question....
and create something wonderful in Buncee to show how you would do this.
You can read more about the Buncee Earth Day Contest above and on the Buncee Blog. 
Here is a beautiful example that they created too! 
Your students will love creating Buncee's to show how they would help protect the Earth....

and they will be super excited about all of the great prizes too! 
Have fun and make sure you think about how you can use edu.Buncee to celebrate Earth Day and all throughout the year. 


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