Saturday, April 11, 2015

Celebrating Poetry Month With A Beautiful Creation In Tackk

This week I have been creating with one of the BEST new digital tools out there....Tackk!  

Tackk is a free, simple way to create beautiful pages and collaborate in the classroom.  Teachers can use Tackk for assignments, presentations, blogs, discussions and more. 

User features like Google sign-in, tagging, built-in media search and app embed without needing tech or design skills makes it a must for any classroom and teacher. 
I created a Tackk for Poetry Month filled with different websites to create and find poetry....including my Poetry Symbaloo.  

After I published my Tackk there were so many ways to share it including social media, email and to embed it at the top of this post.
To go along with Poetry Month, I searched for Haiku Tackks within Tackk and came up with several beautiful creations.  These will be wonderful to share with students when giving them ideas and for reading and creating haikus. 

I love it!  There are so many different things I can create with Tackk.  The features and opportunities are endless.  

I hope you learn about Tackk too.  You can even schedule a demo for your school by going to  

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