Thursday, May 23, 2013

The First Graders Created Digital Stories Using TuxPaint, Google Presentation and Camtasia Relay

Over the last several weeks our first graders have been creating their very own stories in the library. 

After learning how to use TuxPaint from our friends Andy Plemmons, Kelly Hocking and their students in Georgia, we set off to create our very own stories.  

Once the little groups had their illustrated pages created in TuxPaint, we saved each page and added them as slides in a Google Presentation.  They used different laptops to create the illustrations so we had to save them and add them separately to bring the story all together.
They then started Camtasia Relay to screen capture the TuxPaint story playing in Google Presentation.  Within Camtasia Relay they can also capture themselves in a video player and their voice.

Bailey and Hannah, the two first graders who captured their story today, did this by themselves.  And they were so excited to see the final digital story too.

Using these tools together is an extremely easy, effective and fun way for students to create, publish and share their stories with the world.

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