Friday, May 10, 2013

Connect To Our Library Books, eBooks and Resources All The Time With The Destiny Quest App!

When our students come to the library to search for the books we have in the library and within MackinVIA we either go straight to our shelves, to MackinVIA, or to Destiny on the circulation desk desktop. 

And there is one more way to search....There is the Destiny Quest app that we have downloaded onto the iTouches, iPads and my iPhone (which is the #1 choice for all of the little people to use). 

The Destiny Quest app is such an awesome way to log into our library automation system, Destiny from Follett Software.  
At the beginning of the year we "Put The Library In Our Pocket" by having workshops and visiting classrooms to help students, teachers, parents and our school community in putting the apps and resources needed onto their devices.  We made sure the Destiny Quest app was one of them.  

With summer only 10 days away I am going to make sure everyone has the library in their pocket before they take off for the summer too.  

To get the Destiny Quest app onto your device and connected to our library is really easy.  Just download "Destiny Quest" from the app store
First you enter the Library URL or IP address.  You will enter for Van Meter.  This is the IP address.
Next you will select the library collection that you would like to visit.  It is easy to switch between these as well.
Next you can log in with your User ID and password if you know what yours is...I would have set that up for you.  If you would like a personal login and don't have one yet, please just stop by and we will get you all set up.  Once you are set up within your personal account, there are a lot of great features that you will have access to such as creating resource lists, holding books, reviewing books, and much more. 

If you just want to "Explore as Guest" you click on "Try Destiny Quest".  
Once into the Van Meter Library on the Destiny Quest app there are a lot of great things you can do. 
You can see the "New Arrivals" of my favorite places to go on the app.  I love seeing what new books Diana cataloged each day.
It is also fun to see the "Top Ten" books that are being checked out within our library.  This week there were 4 of Mo Willems books that made it on the list.  Our little people just love his books.
You can also search specific books and authors, just like on the Destiny desktop.  I searched for The One And Only Ivan and this is what came up.  You can see a description, find where that book is located on the shelf, hold it, rate it, and add it to "My List".

This is a book that is located within our library as you can see from the call number.
And this is an eBook that we have within MackinVIA from Seymour Simon in StarWalk Kids Media.
The other feature that is just amazing is "WebPath" at the top by "Library".  When you click on this it will bring up a wonderful list of digital resources for students.  This is very similar to the WebPath Express we use on our desktops and laptops too.  They can even add them to their "Resource Lists" too.

If you have Destiny within your school I would LOVE to hear how you use the Destiny Quest app too.

There are so many fun ways we are planning to use it for our summer reading program too.


  1. Thanks for using our Destiny Quest app with your students and staff! We would love to hear from you and anyone else at Van Meter on what we can do to make this app a more useful and relevant tool for you!

    1. You are welcome Don. :)

      We will pass on any comments to you and your group.

      Thank you for all you do, Shannon