Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Mo Willem's.....It's "hApPy pIg DaY" In Our Library!

It's "hApPy pIg DaY" in our library at Van Meter!

Last year we started a new little tradition in our school to celebrate Mo Willem's AWESOME series which we LOVE....

Elephant & Piggie!  This is one of the most loved series within our library.  It doesn't matter how old the students are, they all love Elephant and Piggie.
They especially LOVE Happy Pig Day!  This one makes them laugh out loud so much....It makes me laugh when I read it too.  
In fact, we love all of Mo's books and find him to be one of the BEST authors ever.  On his website you can read all about Mo and his books. 

When Mo's book Happy Pig Day! was published, John Schu and I celebrated it together by throwing a virtual HAPPY PIG DAY party.  We read together, had treats together, and even invited a very special friend to visit our library as we Skyped into Mr. Schu's library in Illinois.  

And today that friend came back to our library! 

Meet Bacon, our pot-bellied pig friend, who lives with the Rice Family in Van Meter.  

The youngest Rice, Payton, is in 2nd grade this year.  As you can see, she loves sharing Bacon with all of her classmates on this special day we celebrate at Van Meter.  
Mrs. Dogget and Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd graders were part of our celebration. 
Shannon Rice did an awesome job at telling us all about Bacon and answering our questions too.
The 2nd graders enjoyed giving Bacon lots of love too.  They all thought it would be very fun to have a pet pig.  
So Mr. Willem's....when you read Happy Pig Day! next time, remember your little friends in Iowa and most of all....

Bacon, who would LOVE to connect with someday and have you read his favorite book to all of us too.

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