Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What We Learned With Edmodo, Wallwisher, and the Iowa AEA Online Databases Today

I just LOVE the Wallwisher that the 5th graders created together today during library and technology time.   It is a great example of using a Web 2.0 tool to engage learners in an activity that they drive and are excited to participate in while learning and sharing new things.  
The 5th graders just started using Edmodo within their classroom so today I introduced all of them to the new "Van Meter 5th Grade Technology" group.        
I added the link to the new Edmodo group, along with the Wallwisher link, to the Van Meter 5th Grade Symbaloo so it would be very easy for the students to access.  I always start out with Symbaloo up and show them where each new link we will be using for that day or project is located.  
Earlier I had added an assignment for the students.  It was called "What Can We Find In The AEA Databases?"  I included simple instructions and also a link to the Wallwisher, What Can We Find In The Iowa AEA Online Databases?
Even though we spend a lot of time in the Iowa AEA Online databases throughout the year, there are a few that the kids never get a chance to just look around in.  I wanted to give them time to learn about all of the databases today and also learn something new while they were there.
Maddy's notes on the Wallwisher are a perfect example.  She created five stickies that contained wonderful information she learned in five different AEA databases.  She embedded videos and images.
I loved reading Maddy's and a lot of the other stickies on the 5th graders Wallwisher.  I learned from what they had found.   Since we are using Edmodo,  I was also able to make this comment within our 5th Grade Edmodo group.
When I got home, I organized the Wallwisher and looked through everyones stickies.  I then created an Edmodo Badge called "Iowa AEA Online Database Expert."
I gave this badge to those students who not only completed five stickies, but who became experts on finding, uploading, and sharing information.  They went beyond what was expected of them too.

I am excited to use Edmodo with the 5th graders at Van Meter.  There are so many different ways we can collaborate with the classroom teachers and their curriculum.  I really love how we will be able to connect to other classrooms and students around the world as well.

If you want to learn something interesting about perhaps a snake, the Super Bowl, or even a chicken....I suggest you check out our Wallwisher we created today too.


  1. Amazing ideas as usual! Quick question. With wallwisher do you have one school account, or do students have to sign in individually?

  2. Good morning,

    Thank you. :) It was fun.

    With Wallwisher, you create the wall and then give them the link. I posted ours in the 5th grade Symbaloo. They do not need to sign in, create an account, etc.... That is one reason I love using Wallwisher. :)

    Wallwisher is a great tool to use too in a presentation or PD. QUick and easy to have people collaborate at the same place without creating any kind of account.

    Hope that helps...Have a lovely day, Shannon