Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Tweet Leads To A Visit From Susan Reagan, Author and Illustrator of Tweet Hearts

Several weeks ago on Twitter I saw someone tweet about a sweet new book called Tweet Hearts by Susan Reagan.  I just loved the illustrations and the name of the book too.  I connected with Susan on Twitter at @SueReaganTweets and @TweetHeartsBook through a few tweets back and forth. 
We then invited her to come visit our library through Skype and we had a great time!  
Susan Skyped with Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd graders.  She read Tweet Hearts first.  The little people thought is was a fun book to read along with.  
They loved talking with Susan about the illustrations in Tweet Hearts too.  
After she read the book, the 2nd graders had tons of wonderful questions.  She told them all about her background and how she has been an artist her entire life.  They asked about the writing process and how she created Tweet Hearts.  It was fun to hear them make connections to loving art and writing too.
 When we finished Skyping with Susan, our students made beautiful "Thank You" cards to send to her.
The students did their very best and talked about how Susan inspired them to be better artists.  Will, who loves to draw told us, "I would like to be an illustrator when I grew up too."
When we were all finished we sent our cards off to Susan.  
We were happy to see that she enjoyed our visit together too.  
She even sent us this little Tweet Hearts Memory Game and a thank you note too.  We cannot wait to play.
When introducing Susan and Tweet Hearts to your students and children, you can find a lot of really nice information online.  There is a book trailer video on YouTube that my students loved to watch.
You can follow Susan's amazing work on her Facebook page at Susan Reagan Illustration.  
A few days ago Susan wrote to let me know she received the thank you cards.  She just loved them.    I went to Mrs. Ferguson's classroom yesterday and showed them this message on Facebook.  They were so happy she did and can't wait to have her visit our library again.

And just from one little tweet....

A new friendship, a new book we love, and an author and illustrator who has become a favorite and a mentor to our kids.

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