Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Book Talks In Our Hallways and Library Books!

Everyone loves scanning QR codes.  Especially when they take you to something really fun.

And to make it even better....The QR codes takes you to something that someone in your school created.  

The 5th graders at Van Meter have been creating something that everyone is going think is a lot of fun.  

After writing and presenting book talks within their classroom, they brought them to the library where we have been creating digital book talks during our weekly library and technology time.  
We are using Camtasia Relay from TechSmith, which allows us to capture the screen and record a video of the students at the same time.  It is very easy to publish and share the presentations.  
The 5th graders pulled up a website that highlighted their author and book....perhaps the authors website, an image of the book cover, or an activity that complimented the book that they read.
They were able to use their notecards to help them with the presentation, any props they might have created, and the book itself.
Once they were all set up, we recorded the book talk.  When they were finished we trimmed the clip and then uploaded it to our EduVision Channel.  I approved the book talks and now everyone can view them at Van Meter Bulldog TV (EduVision).
Now that the book talks are online, we wanted to give our school community a few fun ways to watch them.

I took pictures of the 5th graders holding their book, printed them on cardstock, and cut around each one.
I also had each student create a "Book Talk Bubble" to go along with their book too.  We posted these around the library first and took them down as we needed them this week to post with their pictures.
Next we took the unique URL for each book talk within EduVision and created a QR code using Kaywa.  After each QR code was created I saved them all by placing them into a Google Doc.
At the bottom of their picture and book talk bubble, I placed the QR code for their book talk.  These will be easy for students, teachers, and others to scan as they visit the displays within the library and hallway.
I also took another copy of each QR code and placed them in the back of the books that were used for their book talks.  
It will be so much fun for our students to find these in the back of the book and scan them to learn more about a particular title or author.
We are really excited about being able to create, publish, save, and share book talks like this now.  The next time the 5th graders record a book talk or something else, they will even be able to do it themselves. 

Once we have all of the book talks we will be sure to share them with all of you too.  


  1. Dear Mrs. Miller and Students,
    This project ROCKS! I love your reviews! I love the use of tech! I love your book choices!

    I hope your hallway booktalks are the hit of the school.

    Admiring from Seattle,
    Mrs. Hembree

    1. Hi there Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you so much from the Van Meter 5th graders....They have done a wonderful job on their book talks. :) I really learned about a lot of new books too...It has been fun.

      Hope your week was great....We look forward to connecting again.

      Truly from Iowa, Mrs. Miller and the 5th Graders

  2. Love this idea! Can't wait to share it with my 4th graders!

    1. Thank you Franki....It was so much fun. :)

      Hope you have a great day friend.