Sunday, November 18, 2012

And just what do the kids think of the new "Genre Neighborhoods"?

In our elementary library, we have been moving the fiction books into the new "Genre Neighborhoods" over the last 6 weeks.  You can read about the move in this post.....The Genre Neighborhoods Are Now Open In Our Library

After touring the library and visiting the new neighborhoods on their own, our students are LOVING the move!  

In the video above, three of our 3rd graders at Van Meter told me what they love about the new neighborhoods. 

And just look at the things I am hearing all around the library and school....
  • "I was looking for a historical fiction book.  Mrs. Skahill assigned us this genre for November.  It was so easy to go to that neighborhood and find a book."
  • "I have seen so many books that I didn't even know that we had in our library.  With the shelves having extra space and being organized into the neighborhoods, it is easier to see what books we have."
  • "I love reading books about horses.  We have a new "Horse" genre neighborhood!  Now I can see all of the horse books together."
  • "I love being able to go to one spot and look for sports books.  It reminds me of being at Barnes & Noble.  
  • "Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Hockenberry made it easier for us to find the books we want to read.  Just like in the nonfiction."
We cannot wait to take a look at the circulation within Destiny over Thanksgiving break and see how this move has truly changed these numbers as well.  


  1. Shannon, it's so refreshing to hear that students at Van Meter are happy to find books again! I bet it just makes you even happier to head off to work every day. Enjoy! Sincerely, Joy

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thank you for reading my blog...The kids are just loving it. :) It is so fun to see them exploring the new arrangement throughout the library.

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Shannon