Thursday, November 22, 2012

We Gave Thanks For Reading And Found So Many Ways To Be Thankful

On the day before Thanksgiving, Van Meter thought of things we are thankful for....

For reading, for books, for learning, for sharing, for friends, for teachers, for our community....and so much more.

We decided to celebrate the things we were thankful for by having a very special day filled with lots of fun activities.
The Van Meter Reading Committee organized this wonderful day and the schedule can be found in the Reading Day Celebration Google Doc.
We started off with a Book Swap in the elementary library.  It is so much fun to get a new book and even better giving a book to someone else.  And I really loved how comfy everyone looked in their pajama's today.
Our little ones were especially excited to pick out a new book or two at the Book Swap.
The National Honor Society members helped throughout the day.  After the Book Swap got underway, several of them set off down the hallways and into the classrooms.  They stopped at each classroom to see if they would like a few special people to read with their students.
My son is in 2nd grade and he loved having Spencer read to his group....Hagan has the Cub's hat on.
Parker got a little present from one of the 2nd graders....
and Tyler, our NHS president from last year, came back from college to read with our kids too.
I loved finding David reading to this group in the hallway.
Will and Ross read to the other class of 2nd graders while.....
Jacob and Will waited for their turn.
Katie and Cassie loved sitting on the comfy furniture in the kindergarten classroom while....
Sarah read to Miss McClintock's students.
At the end of the day, we gathered all of the elementary students in the little gym to show Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.
And no movie would be compete without popcorn....and there was lots of it at Van Meter today.  
We also had a food drive for our local food pantry.  The elementary students were very generous with the items that they brought.  This will help others within our community so much.  

Today was one of those days as a teacher that one is just thankful that they work with amazing young people everyday.  To see the compassion and love spread through the activities we did throughout the day turned it into much more than a day to be thankful for reading and books.  

It turned out to be a day being thankful for each other.  

Thank you Van Meter....I loved our day being of giving thanks.  Have a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving. 

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