Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zach Finding His Passion In Tom Angleberger's Books

This is Zach.  

He is in 6th grade at Van Meter and one of my all-time favorite young people and readers!  Zach and his sisters have always loved to read.  I remember him when I first started my job as the teacher librarian at Van Meter...he was just a little person, but we would have these wonderful conversations about books and characters, and he was always onto the next book and adventure before he finished the last.  
A couple of years ago, Tom Angelberger wrote The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  At that time, Zach and dozens of kids from Van Meter, went crazy for this book.  Zach however....was his #1 fan!  
Last year I met Tom and his beautiful wife Cece Bell at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C.  When I got back to the library, Zach was the first one I told.  He couldn't believe it!  I had met his favorite author?  The author of Origami Yoda?  He was beside himself.  

At that time, I knew we just had to Skype with Tom.  I contacted him and we set up the most AWESOME Skype!  Not only did Tom talk to our 5th graders and answer questions, he also taught them how to make their very own Origami Yoda!  It was so fun to see all of their faces light up....especially Zach's.  He had brought his excitement for this author and these books to his school and friends.  
Last week, Zach came down to visit me.  He wanted to know if Tom's newest book The Secret of the Fortune Wookie had come out yet.  It was his lucky day, because the night before I had went to Barnes & Noble to buy a copy.  It hadn't been processed yet.  In fact, it was still in the sack.  

So, I got it out and put it into Zach's hands.  He told me that he would be back soon.
He was right!  

On Friday, Zach came to the elementary library to bring back his book.  But there was something else that he had to tell me about too.  He said, "Mrs. Miller, I created the instructions to make General Grevidance from Star Wars!  I figured it out all by myself and even made one!  You have to tell Tom Angelberger and send it to him."  
Even though I am a Star Wars fan, I had no idea who General Grevidance was.  I had to Google him to find out exactly who Zach had created in Origami style.

I love how books like Tom's and so many other authors bring out wonderful things in our young people.  Who knows what Zach will create next but whatever it is I know he will have fun and love doing it.

Thank you Tom for inspiring Zach and for sharing your creativity with all of us.

Keep your eyes out for General Grevidance coming to your mailbox soon! :)
Check out Tom's website "Origami Yoda"...It is packed with super fun things!
Also, you can find all kinds of videos created by Tom and from events he has participated in.


  1. He was super excited to show you, I couldn't make him wait until the end of class!

    1. I am glad you sent him Stacy. That was so much fun. :) I can't wait to see what he creates over the holiday weekend. He had big plans.

      Thank you, friend. Shan

  2. I finally read Origami Yoda this week, and I'm super excited that Zach got to bring his excitement to the rest of the class! At BLC12, you mentioned connecting Skype sessions with authors to the standards - could you help me with this? I know a call to an author would be great for motivation to read, but I don't know how to convince the other teachers about the benefits. This will be a great post to show them, though. Thanks for writing about Zach!

  3. Zach is a very Stooky dude and that is a very plastic dinosaurs General G! Can't wait to put it on my site!

    Tom A.
    (not Sam)

    1. Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the comment...I will pass it onto Zach on Tuesday. :)