Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our 5th Graders Took A Little Test Drive Through Rosen's New Interactive eBooks!

Last week the 5th graders at Van Meter took a little test drive through Rosen's New Interactive eBooks....

and what FUN they had!  
These eBooks are anything but ordinary.  
They are filled with amazing photographs, content, videos, charts, and audio.  The students loved the topics of the nonfiction eBooks.  They read about fast cars, animals, disasters, and much more.  I took these screen shots from the Rosen website where they highlight the new resources. 

Within each interactive eBook, readers can, "select e-learning simulations to create a digital response to reading the nonfiction interactive eBook," such as writing a blog post, creating a digital post card, writing a diamante poem, and constructing a wiki or web page.  
The students got onto the Rosen site through our new "Van Meter Technology/Keyboarding" Symbaloo.  Since we were test driving the new Rosen interactive eBooks, the students were asked to pick any eBook to read and select an activity they wanted to complete.  Each eBook contains three digital activities and there are nine digital activities to pick from throughout the whole collection of new interactive eBooks.
As they read back through the eBook, the students are promoted to work through several steps within the eBook to complete the activity they have selected.
One of the girls created a digital postcard from the eBook about lions.  She had fun applying the knowledge that she learned by reading the eBook to create such an informative postcard.
She also loved picking out the photograph that she would use in at as well.  
Another student created a blog post after reading the eBook about pandas.  Audrey titled her blog post "I Wish I Had A Pet Panda".
She saved it on the computer and I printed it out for her.  If we were going to use the blog post activity from this interactive eBook within a lesson about blogging, there is even a space for making comments below the post.
The activities are meant to be used to teach our students very important digital skills and connect with the Common Core, AASL, and ISTE standards.

I also had the honor of working with Rosen Publishing to create a lesson plan for each of the digital activities.  The lesson plans include detailed instructions on how the activities would be used and integrated, classroom extension activities, and parent extension activities as well.   Assessment rubrics are also attached to each of the activities.  These are included with every one of the interactive eBooks as well.
This video from Rosen tells you even more....take a couple minutes to watch it. I know you will be super excited about bringing these to your school and students too.

I can't wait to use these new interactive eBooks throughout the year to teach so many essential skills to our young people.  They will not only love the wonderful new eBooks, but they will also have a great time with all of the digital activities.

For more information about Rosen and the interactive eBooks, call 1-877-381-6649 and check out their website here.

The interactive eBooks are also available from Mackin Education Resources.  You can send questions to or call Mackin at 1-800-245-9540.  

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  1. Great post. I was thinking about getting a few interactive eBooks for children for my niece and nephews for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing Shannon, I will definitely have to check this out.