Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Kindergarteners Published Their First Little Bird Tale....."Just Me and Little Critter"

I am so excited to announce that today the Van Meter kindergarteners published their first Little Bird Tale called...

Just Me and Little Critter.  And you can read their book right online.  
Last week I wrote the post A Kindergarten Little Bird Tales...."Just Me and Little Critter", which told the story of how Miss McClintock, Mrs. Caltrider, and Mrs. Gadberry's students have been studying Mercer Mayer and how we were going to write and illustrate our very own Little Critter book using Little Bird Tales.  
The kindergarteners each thought about what they would like to do with Little Critter.  They also thought about what Little Critter's friends were doing in their illustrations.....spider, cricket, and frog show up quite a lot in our Little Bird Tale.
After the finished their illustrations, Diana and I scanned and uploaded them into Little Bird Tales.  The students then recorded the story of their illustration and I typed what they said into the text box on each page.  
When we finished our Little Bird Tales today, the kindergarteners were so excited to watch and listen to Just Me and Little Critter together.  
And as a special surprise tonight, our Little Bird Tale is now in the "Public Tales" too.  

Thank you Mercer Mayer for bringing us Little Critter....

and thank you Little Bird Tales for making our tales into something wonderful that we can share with our friends, families and others around the world.  


  1. Thanks so much for posting your most recent experience with our site, Little Bird Tales!

    We wake up every day and are excited to be working to help make teaching exciting for teachers and students. We are constantly inspired by what teachers create, how they use our site, and are enchanted by the Little Bird Tales students create. The creativity, talent and obvious pride teachers and students have in their tales transfers to us!

    We are actively working on some big changes based on feedback and wishes we received in the past year. We hope these changes will greatly enhance teachers’ and students’ experience using Little Bird Tales.

    We just added a tool that allows teachers to create interactive digital assignments. The Beta is now available on all teacher accounts (free!) and we are making improvements as we speak, so would appreciate feedback!

    A guide to using Little Bird Tales for implementing Common Core Standards is coming soon!
    Your feedback is invaluable! Thank you for all you do!

    Amiee and Mike Klem


    1. Thank you Amiee and Mike for all that you do! We love Little Bird Tales here at Van Meter and I know others do too. :)

      Thank you for always coming up with new and exciting ways to make your site even better. I look forward to seeing the Common Core guide.

      Have a wonderful day. Shannon