Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is Your Inbox A Mess? Try PhilterIt...A New Way To Email!

Last week my friend Natan Edelsburg, from Sawhouse Media and The Shorty Awards, wrote me about his friend Robert Wollner who has developed, along with his business partner Avi Levine, a new email platform called PhilterIt.   Natan connected Robert and I in an email.  The next day Robert and I had a wonderful talk about his exciting new adventure with PhilterIt and how it came to be.
When I asked Robert what inspired him to develop PhilterIt he shared a great story from his childhood about growing up with a Couponer and how he relies on emails for deals and promotions today.  With all of these emails though it can quickly get out of control.  Robert wrote, I tried to created filters, but I quickly realized that for each filter I set up, it seemed like there were three more brands that popped-up and needed to be dealt with.  
Robert also shared these important PhilterIt and email facts....

What is Philterit? is a visual inbox that allows users to prioritize the brands and people they care about the most.  Unlike a number of the other solutions out there, we have created a simple interface that lets the user filter tens of thousands of, deals, commerce, newsletter...and seamlessly.

PhilterIt Summary... is changing the way users experience email. Our inbox is perfect for heavy online shoppers and daily-deal seekers who are overwhelmed by the emails they receive from brands but don't want to lose the valuable content.  We filter brand messages into icons, so that they are out of the way but not lost.  PhilterIt is elegant, beautiful and simple to use.  Email is getting a makeover.
As Robert and I spoke about PhilterIt and email, I had a great time learning how to set up my own PhilterIt email.  I really like how emails can be searched by "All, Personal, and Brand" emails within the Mail Feed on the left-hand side.
I loved setting up my Dashboard with a few icons.  I picked icons of my favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I also created icons for my daughter, my mom, my teaching job and a few other companies and groups that I am associated with.  It was easy...I just needed the email address and an image to create the icons.  I even moved the icons around the way I liked them on my dashboard.

I usually get over 200 emails in one day.  It is hard to keep up with and sometimes I can't even get to all of them on the day they make it to my inbox.  With PhilterIt, I now have my two emails that I use the most together in one place and I am much more organized with all of my emails.
I know you will like PhilterIt just as much as me so give it a try.

Robert gave me an Invitation Code to share with my friends and followers.

When you go to PhilterIt's sign up page, register by using your email, password and the invitation code VOICE. 

PhilterIt is definitely something I will continue to use and share.  It will help me stay organized, not miss important emails, and I will be able to see the emails I want to see first everyday.

I hope you do too!

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