Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrating #SummerReading With Hagan!

Today, the New York Times Learning Network promoted reading through their amazing event on Twitter called #SummerReading.  I wrote about this reading promotion on my blog, Give A Shout Out for Summer Reading on June 7th!

My son Hagan and I celebrated #SummerReading by making a little trip to the Van Meter Public Library.
The summer reading theme at the Van Meter Public Library is "Dream Big READ!"  Hagan got lots of fun bookmarks, notepads, a newsletter and reading log to record his reading.  

Jolena, the Van Meter Library director, and Vickie, the assistant library director, loved seeing Hagan at the library today.  Jolena told him all about the #SummerReading program and what he needed to do to participate. 
Hagan signed up on the sheet where all of the other little people in Van Meter did over the weekend at the #SummerReading kickoff.  
Jolena showed Hagan the different areas of the library where Hagan could find books that were his reading level and interesting to him.  He told her he wanted to read books about baseball and sports over the summer, so they found a lot of those. 
Jolena told us that a lot of the Van Meter students were coming to the library and reading eBooks in Mackin VIA for their #SummerReading.  We saw the MackinVIA QR code poster hanging up so everyone could find the eBooks easily.  
Three baseball books and three baseball movies later, Hagan was ready to use his library card to check out.  
When we got home, Hagan did a little #SummerReading outside and then wrote down that he read Casey at the Bat by Leroy Neiman. 
After that, Hagan wanted to read an eBook for the #SummerReading contest we are having at school.  
You can read all about it in my post called, Wanted....Readers for the Summer in Mackin VIA!
Hagan logged into Van Meter's Mackin VIA and then into his Backpack.  
He already has several eBooks in his backpack but found a few more to add today.
Once he added the eBooks, he looked through his little Backpack collection and decided to read Independence Hall, which is part of the Symbols of American Freedom series.
After Hagan read the eBook for awhile and learned lots of new things, he wrote the title down on his eBook Summer Reading Program log.
Today, my niece Riley came to visit for a week.  Riley and Hagan went outside and found a peaceful place to read.
It is going to be a wonderful summer and one that is GREAT for #SummerReading.


  1. Summer reading is so important. I hope all kids grow up seeing pleasure reading as an integral part of summer.


    1. Thank you for sharing, Janet. Yes, summer reading is so very important and fun too. I love it when we take time out of our day in the summer to read together.

      Have a wonderful day, Shannon