Sunday, June 3, 2012

Give A SHOUT OUT For Summer Reading on June 7th!

Last week I got a tweet from my friend Katherine Schulten, editor of the New York Times Learning Network blog.  Katherine told me all about an exciting day that the Learning Network was putting on to promote summer reading.  I love the idea and cannot wait to participate in the fun!  
On June 7th, the NYTimes is encouraging all of us to "join the conversation about summer reading".  The blog states, 

What’s on your reading list this summer? Guilty pleasuresAssigned readingAudiobooksPerennially popular series about dystopian survival games, a boy wizard, or a wimpy kid? Maybe even The New York Times?
Whatever you’re planning, and whatever your thoughts on the notion of “summer reading” in general, we invite you to take to Twitter on June 7 and tell the world.
Along with a big, and growing, list of collaborators, we’re encouraging people of all ages to post their lists, recommendations, thoughts and ideas with the hashtag #summerreading that day." 

Here are a few ideas from Katherine to get the conversation started....

  • What you want to read — or have to read — this summer.
  • Wonderful, or awful, memories of summer reading
  • Quotes about summer reading, or about reading in general
  • Book recommendations for others
  • Tips for getting students to read in the summer
  • Links to booklists, contests and other resources
  • Summer book-club ideas
  • Visuals! Summer-book photos might be worth 1,000 words…
  • Summer site-specific recommendations: best beach books, camping books, car-trip audio books, family-reunion books, etc.
  • Best places to summer-read, or best things to eat and drink while summer reading
  • Thoughts about the concept of “summer reading” in general. For instance,why isn’t there “fall reading” or “winter reading”
My little guy, Hagan (@haganemiller), will be tweeting on June 7th about what he loves to read and also the places that he enjoys reading.  Hagan loves taking pictures for his blog, Hagan's World of Awesome, and last year had fun showing all of the places he read on our family vacation to Colorado.
As you can see, June 7th is going to be a SUPER exciting day on Twitter as we all share what we are reading, what we love to read, give recommendations, discuss favorite authors, and so much more.  

Lets give #summerreading a BIG SHOUT OUT on June 7th and make this one of the best reading days ever.  

Thank you Katherine and NYTimes Learning Network for bringing us all together on this day.  What fun it is going to be.  

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