Monday, February 26, 2024

We Are So Excited To Bring Stairway Decodables To Our Readers This Year! Read All About It Here.

Today, we kicked off using the Stairway Decodables by Capstone in our kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms.  
We are very excited to bring these to our students as they will take reading instruction one step at time. 
There are 6 steps of Stairway Decodables. 
As shared on the Stairway Decodables website, there are lots of amazing qualities that make this reading program stand out. 

To start, we are adding the 36 engaging, authentic texts to our classrooms and can't wait for more books and eBooks this fall.  The teachers will use these for small group instruction with the sets of 6 we have, and they are perfect for independent reading too. 

The before, during and after reading suggestions will be great at activating background knowledge.  Plus, the front and back matter instructional support will be very helpful to our teachers as they use these new books with their readers. 
On the Stairway Decodables site, you can explore Steps 1-6. This will give you details on which books are included in each Step. 
You will also find the Stairway Decodables brochure at the bottom of the site here too. 

I will be sharing our journey with Stairway Decodables.  We are excited to start!  

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