Sunday, February 11, 2024

Bringing Hearts To Life For Valentine's Day Using MergeEDU and Merge Cubes!

I love working with our youngest learners. Throughout the year, I go to our four preschool classes for library and technology lessons. 

For my visit today, I asked the teachers what they were learning this week. The teachers told me they were celebrating Valentine's Day and using a lot of hearts in activities. 

I did a little brainstorming and remembered that in MergeEDU...
...there is a Science Simulation called Mr. Body where you can view his heart. 

This was the perfect activity for Valentine's Day. Not only would the preschoolers see what a heart looks like, they would be learning a new technology resource with Merge. 
I gathered up my iPads from the library and Merge Cubes. 

I started out by talking to them about augmented reality and technology. I then showed them how the app works with the Merge Cubes. 

They were ready to go! 
We paired them up and gave them an iPad and Merge Cube,  For this first time, I had the app opened to Mr. Body so they could start using it right away. 
They were amazed when they saw what a human heart actually looks like.  We had all kinds of conversations and comments. 
And one of the best questions, Is Mr. Body in here? Mr Body?  

I love what MergeEDU brings to our students and how it enriches their learning.  We love the little sparks it brings to all kinds of topics and content.  

You can sign up for a free trial of MergeEDU here to try out with your students too. I know they will love learning about hearts for Valentine's Day with Mr. Body too. 
You can learn more about the Merge Cubes here.
And if you don't have Merge Cubes yet, you can print this one off and make your own for this activity.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, friends. 

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