Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The January 2024 Capstone Holiday Calendar and Book List Is Filled With Special Books and Events, Friends! You Will Find It Here.

It's almost January 2024 and time for a new set of books on the January Capstone Holiday Calendar.  I love using these calendars to highlight books each month from our collection. 

It's a great way to celebrate and learn about topics that tie into our curriculum including important historical events, and other special events that our kids love to learn and read about throughout the year. 

You will find the Capstone January Holiday Calendar here, along with the other months too. 

And here is the January 2024 Capstone Holiday Calendar Book List where you will find the links to the books on CapstonePub.com.

When the Capstone Holiday Calendar comes out each year, I go through and mark the books we have in our library collection, and add the books to my list that I'd like to order for my collection each month too.
You can read all about the 2023-24 Capstone Holiday Calendar Poster here, friends. 

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