Monday, December 18, 2023

I Am Excited To Share My Top 12 Capstone Books From 2023, Friends!

2023 was an amazing year of new books!  I loved finding, reading and sharing lots of new books with our readers at Van Meter School, and with so many other students, librarians, teachers, families and communities. 

In the library this week, I am putting together a few upcoming book displays that will be ready to go when everyone comes back to school in the new year.  

One of the book displays I am so excited about is my Top 12 Capstone Books from 2023.  We have all of these books in our library, and many of them in our Capstone Interactive eBook collection too. 

In this special choice board, Shannon's Top 12 Capstone Books from 2023, you will find all 12 of the books.  When you click on the book cover, it will take you right to where you can find our more about each title.  

At the bottom of the choice board, you will find a link to the list of all 12 books including...
...these wonderful books,  and I couldn't leave out my new book, Sonia's Digital World. 

I hope you have enjoyed these books as much as I have in 2023.  You will find the entire list of My Top 12 Capstone Books of 2023 here, friends. 

And I already can't wait to share more about the upcoming 2024 Capstone books. You can check them out here in this blog post. 

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