Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Our Virtual Makerspace For Middle & High School Students Is Open & Ready For Lots Of Making Fun!

Our Virtual Makerspace for older students, our middle and high school students, is open! 

In Our Virtual Makerspace, they can explore and engage all kinds of activities including art, building, coding, coloring, paper crafts, music, photography, digital storytelling, card and poster making, robotics and more.  

I included a few places to find maker ideas too.  

One of their favorite places to visit over the last several month has been the Coloring Fun Collection by Destiny.  I added that under the Coloring column and you will find it here
I also put both of the Virtual Makerspaces together on one choice board to share with our TK-12 district. You will find that choice board collection here too

This will be so much fun to share with our students at school and at home.  I can't wait to see what they create, code, learn and more! 

And if you want to make a copy for changes, just click here friends.

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