Monday, November 23, 2020

Creating One-of-a-Kind Masks and Clips With Our Students!

One of my favorite things to do is come up with special maker projects for our students, especially when they are connected to a wonderful book. 

When I found the book, Lucy's Mask, by. Lisa Sirkis Thompson and illustrated by John Thompson, I brought it to school and went to see my dear friend and 2nd grade teacher at Van Meter, Tracy Ferguson.  I love collaborating and brainstorming with Tracy, because we always come up with something meaningful, creative and fun. 

We decided to have the students design and create masks with their STEM Team.  Each student would also create mask clips out of Perler beads. 

Last week, Tracy and I saw one that a student in her class had created so we asked him what we needed for supplies.  He couldn't wait to teach the class how to make the mask clips. 
Tracy also put together this activity packet for the STEM Challenge. 
It includes the Lucy's Mask sheet with the problem and how they will communicate and collaborate to create masks and mask clips. 
I love how she included the Lucy's Mask Design Sheet too. 

You will find Tracy's STEM Challenge for Lucy's Mask here.
This came in very handy as they designed their masks while working together. 
She also took the mask clip her student created and made a copy.  This served as a...
...pattern for them to look at for the length and size. 
When I was ordering the Perler beads and plates, I saw this post for Creative Clips!  
On the Perler site, you will find a post about the Mask Clips here
The post includes awesome instructions and...
...a few patterns that can be found here.
When we introduced this activity to the kids, we did some great brainstorming on what the designs could look like including letters, footballs, bulldogs. unicorns, cats and more.
With these materials, patterns and lots of ideas in their head, we went to work. 

The STEM groups finished up their masks. 
They did such a wonderful job personalizing their masks with detailed designs while working together.  We used cotton masks and permanent fabric markers for this part of the project that I ordered on Amazon. 

We spread the Perler beads and design plates out on the table so they could take turns picking up the supplies they needed.  They gathered up their beads onto a small paper plate and took them to a place to work. 

Some grabbed the pattern or a piece of paper to help as they got started. 
At one point, we even video conferenced with their classmate who is learning virtually at home.
He created the first mask clip so we let him share tips and tricks for using the Perler Beads. 
We loved all of the designs they were creating with the Perler Beads.
Our elementary principal, Cody Tibbetts wanted a Van Meter clip so...
...they worked together to create a COOL Bulldogs one.
It was so fun to see all of the unique characters and how they problem solved where the hooks would be within their design.
Some of their hook designs even complemented what they drew on their masks. 
The ironing was very new to the students, 
but with a few simple directions they could do it.
I loved walking around seeing their creations and how... much fun they were having.
This group of three girls caught my eye as they were creating super cute mask clips with unicorns and smiley faces. 

After they ironed them together. 
we got the mask clips all set up...
...on their cute little masks. 

Look at all of these beautiful designs...
While wearing a mask is such an important part of our year, Tracy and I loved taking Lucy's Mask and turning it into a special activity and a...
...memory for 2020 they will remember and cherish. 

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