Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Our Coding Choice Board For 3rd-6th Grade & Collection by Destiny Is Here!

As we get ready for Hour of Code, I have been bringing lots of coding resources together to share with our learners, teachers and families. 

I have started with a choice board for our elementary and middle school students, and am working on one for lower elementary and one for older students.  

You will find the one above, Our Coding Choice Board for 3rd-6th Grade here to share with students.  

And if you'd like to make a copy of this choice board to make changes, you will find that link here.
As part of this choice board and the others, I have included the Coding, Coding, Coding Collection by Destiny too.  This is a public Collection that you will find here.

We love Hour of Code and all of the activities we can do all year long.  I hope that this brings lots of coding learning, creating and fun to your school community too. 

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