Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Special Post (and Bookmark) For Educator and Librarian Self Care...Take Time For YOU, Friends.

This year, more than ever, teachers and librarians have been giving all that we have to our jobs, schools and most of all, to our students.  We are caring for others through our teaching, finding that perfect book for every student, amazing virtual connections and by collaborating and planning to make this year the best it can be for everyone. 

We also must remember to take care of ourselves. For me, that is sometimes the last thing I think about, but as the holiday season is here, I have made it my goal to do something for myself every single day.  In fact, I wrote just that in my journal last week.  I wrote, My Self Care List and started adding ideas under the list. 

I wrote, 

Volunteer my giving meals to families in need. 

Play board games and cards with Eric and Hagan for Thanksgiving. 

Learn how to knit and make a scarf for Grandpa for Christmas.

Read at least 3 new books over the holiday. 

Exercise 5 times a week….walking outside or on the treadmill too. 

Start a recipe card exchange with our family and neighbors. 

Look through cookbooks and find a new recipe to make each week. 

Create our holiday cards with Buncee...have the boys add a video message too. 

Take time for ME every's okay to just be.

As you can see, I have quite a list but one thing I really want to remember, is to take time for ME, each and every day.  I think this list will help me do just that. 

As I work on my list, I put together a new choice board for everyone to use.  You will find the Special Choice Board for Educator and Librarian Self Care here.  I printed this off and posted it on the refrigerator so I remember what I wrote in my journal, 

Take time for YOU everyday. 

I also created bookmarks to give all of our teachers and send to friends and colleagues in the mail.
You will find the Google Slide for the bookmark I created here.  Feel free to make a copy and use too. 

I hope that you take lots of time for you this holiday season, friends.  You are doing amazing things for your students, colleagues and community.  Remember that as you take time for YOU too. 

Have a blessed holiday.  Love, Shannon

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