Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Special Veterans Day Pear Deck Activity

As we recognize and learn about Veterans Day today, Pear Deck is one tool we are using to help our students understand and commemorate this special day. 

We are using this Pear Deck with our TK and kindergarten students this week, along with the PebbleGo article about Veterans Day. 
It is very easy to set up within Google Slides.  I made just a few slides since this is for our youngest learners, but could easily add a few more for older students too. 
Since we are using PebbleGo for them to learn about Veterans Day, I took a screen shot of that article and attached the link.  

I could even add the Veterans Day Choice Board, where students can explore PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive eBooks and a video about the Space Force.  You will find this choice board here. 
After they have listened to the PebbleGo article together, they will draw a picture of what they learned.  
It's very easy for even our youngest learners to use the drawing tools at the bottom of their screen. They love doing this in Pear Deck. 
We also had them match their weekly vocabulary words to the pictures by using their finger to draw on the slide.  
Even though we used this Pear Deck with our learners at school, we can also share it with our learners at home.  When you click on Start Lesson, 
you can choose from the lesson mode Instructor-Paced Activity, which is what we did with the littles, or Student-Paced Activity, which is how you would share it with students learning at home. 

Feel free to make a copy and you can add or switch out anything you'd like to do this Pear Deck with your students too. 

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