Monday, November 23, 2020

It's Time For Our December Choice Board and Collection By Destiny! You Will Find The Links Here, Friends.

It's time for Our December Choice Board, where reading, learning, creating, coding and signing can take you on adventures all month long.  

There are activities including reading and listening to books, making a digital snowflake, playing a Digital BreakoutEDU and other digital games, learning how to draw with Art Hub for Kids, coding with Santa Tracker from Google and so much more. 
With Hour of Code coming up in December, I added the two new coding choice boards for TK-3 and...
...3-6 grade. 
I also included Our Holiday Choice Boards Collection, 
which includes nine choice boards like...
Kwanzaa and more.  
This choice board has been added to our NEW Monthly Choice Boards website that you will find here.

And remember, October and November Choice Boards are there too. 
In the right hand corner of the December Choice Board, you will find this awesome Our December Collection by Destiny filled with the resources in the choice board and so much more.  You will find the Collection here.  This is public and can be shared with anyone. 

Our December Choice Board can be found here to share with your students, teachers and families here.  This is a published link so all they will see is the choice board without the other tools in Google Slides.  And here is the link for you to make a copy for changes or additions of your own.

Choice boards are something that can be accessed anywhere and is perfect for our face-to-face, virtual and hybrid learning situations.  

If you would like to make changes to the December Choice Board, you will find the link to make a copy here.  And please let me know what else we should add.  

Have fun sharing this with your school community.  I am excited for all of the monthly choice boards throughout the school year, friends.

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